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Solar Panels

Neurosun Solar deals in poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar panel according to need and requirement of customer. We deal in Vikram solar (40watt-330w), Luminous (10w-330w), Navitas Solar ( 10w-330w), Sova solar (250w-330w).

Solar Inverter

Neurosun Solar Provides a wide range of solar off grid inverters (750va-1800va) , Solar ON-grid inverters (1kw-5kw single phase) & (5kw-20kw three phase), solar power conditioning units (PCU) (1kw-10kw), solar hybrid inverters. We deal in Luminous, Polycab, Delta, Schneider and UTL.

Solar Battery

Neurosun solar provides solar battery (C10) starting from 12v 20ah- 12v 200ah. Solar battery has consistent performance and C10 rating. Very low self-discharge and water loss. Rechargeable with very low current. We deal in Luminous, Exide and Autobat.

Solar Water Heater

Neurosun solar is Authorized distributor for UTS ECO solar water heater. The system is Non- Pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater with inner tank of made of Stainless Steel.The system is given with 7 YEARS guarantee.The available models are 100LPD/150LPD/200LPD/250LPD/300LPD.

Solar Home Lighting System

Neurosun solar having a wide range of home lighting system for rural areas. We provide customize home lighting system according to the need and use of customers. The system includes bulb or tube, fan (DC) and Mobile charging with backup starting from 5 hours to full night.
Solar Poultry and goat farming
Neurosun solar provides solutions for poultry farms and goat farms. The system will work full night with automatic ON/OFF function.

Solar Material

WNeurosun solar provides BOS material. Which includes solar cable, solar panel mounting structure, solar MC4 connector, Branch Connector, DC MCB, ACDB , DCDB, Net meter, Generation meter, earthing rod, chemical earthing bag, lighting arrestor etc.

Solar Charge Controller

Neurosun solar provides solar charger controllers starting from 12V 6A to 12V 20A for small system. Also available for 24V 20A, 36V, 48V, 96V, 120V (50A).

Dc fan and Dc Tube

NNeurosun Solar provides total DC operator fan and tube with wide range of variety.

Solar Street and Garden Light

Neurosun solar deal in solar street light and garden lights. The street lights range from 20w to 40w. The garden light are custom made according to the use and need of customer.